movin on up

Thanks Nick for uploading the video that Jim shot and edited.  Here is the video of the Human Chain that moved Circle Thrift on Labor Day.  Hi-res version MPEG here for dnld.

You may want to share a highlight from the day here. I previously posted about how glorious of a day it was.  I’m happy for the video and all the pictures because they are a reminder of how God works through people.  Even the face of difficult circumstances and tasks, he provides.  Not always in the way that we imagined.

my wife, my hero

Martha inspires me.  I’m really grateful for her, especially today.  We get to see the fruit of a lot of people’s hard work, some small miracles (this process of buying 2233 has been quite a ride), and great ideas.  We’re moving Circle Thrift (the first one) up to the new site today.  Getting started around 9, BBQ around 3pm.  Come on by to check it out if you want.

Martha has an incredible sense of imagination and responsibility to see her dreams through.  She is not afraid of hard work, she tries things that she doesn’t know how to do yet, she is more than capable.  What a woman.

I love that she doesn’t let anyone tell her that we can’t do something.  Go get ’em.

(Thanks for the photo, Carina!)

The next thing

This next week is quite a transition time.  I’m hanging with my kids a bunch so Martha can finish getting Circle Thrift ready to move to her next home, less than 2 blocks up Frankford Ave on Labor Day-lots of room still for you to help out with the “human chain”.  Tuesday we begin the renovation of our current spot at 2007.  Wednesday I start classes at Temple.

And if anyone can teach me basics about iPhoto and other cultish mac programs that would be cool, we won’t have other reverse images anymore here.