Tinariwen Doc online

I think I’ve been talking about this group for a while, and prob even posted about it.  I ran across this documentary about them today when I needed to return to the desert after a weird moment on campus.

I was talking to my classmate who came to the PM last night because he read about us in the PW article about our stories.  We were just reading one of the most intelligent arguments for Apartheid by Hendrik Verwoerd and had a class discussion about its ties to Calvinism in Nazi Germany among other things.  Fascinating.

As soon as we walk outside there are huge banners and large crosses with young people shouting at us to turn to Jesus. I don’t want to even get into it, but there were a few of them.  And I needed to get away from the coercion.

So while I ate my noodles, I found this short doc and got a sense of going back to the desert with one of my favorite Tuareg bands.  In this desert with Christ, I’m free to not have to judge people or be so offended by people acting like idiots.  I can let it go.  There’s a lot of sand.  One of the Tinariwen lyrics translates something like “I have never seen enough trees to make a forest.”  It’s can really be that simple.