Rollerskate Parenting

I’m thinking about change and letting go.  My children are getting big.  I’m changing into a father of big children, too.  Last night Martha & I took to the kids rollerskating as part of a fundraiser for their school.  It was awesome.  Helena, who is now 8, was quite the skater.  She also wanted to go off by herself skating around.

For me this was both pride-inspiring (what an independent and talented kid!), scary (if she falls and gets her fingers rolled over I wont be there to help her out), and a little lonely (Why doesn’t my kid want to do the couples skate with me all night?  Am I not cool enough to hang with her friends from school or something?).

Martha was with Lily and I was watching Helena go around the rink at least a dozen times, sometimes with friends, but often by herself.  I had a different kind of fun at that point.  My child felt free enough to try things out.  She could ask for what she wanted.  It had nothing to do with me not being cool or being a burdon to her…she was doing what she was created to do.  To grow up, bit by bit.

As our network expands, especially as we get discerning our next pastor and location for church plant, I have some of the same feelings.  I hope that we can keep the heart of our calling through the direction of the Holy Spirit.  I hope that the new cells and cell leaders carry on that DNA. I hope we can do what we were created to do as cells and congregations…grow and multiply.

I’m excited not only that new stuff is happening, but that it is beyond my ability to be so close to it all.  I’m ready to change, too.  I have to learn a new kind of trust, a new kind of faith.  With it is coming a new kind of fulfillment.

2nd grade, here we go

Helena is so excited to be in second grade.  She loves her teacher.  A bunch of her friends are in her class.  Her Spanish is pretty close to conversational.   Independence Charter has been really great, and this year (like so many of us) we have a new facility that is way better.

This shot was from yesterday.  Today is the 2nd day of school for Helena, and she popped right out of bed.  Lily is still getting over this viral thing and provided enough crankiness for all of us.

I’m grateful for these little girls.