I pardon you

Here is a message that I sent to the Circle of Hope cell leaders this morning.  I hope you might be encouraged, too.


Let’s begin this week praying for the peacemakers.

Jesus, during the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5) “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Like the others on the list, being a peacemaker is not easy.  Even as a church heeding the call to make peace, we have called out a group to energize us to lead the way and connect us to the world wide peace movement-Shalom House.

My thoughts wandered as I contemplated peacemaking this morning, and of course the melody and words to “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace” came to mind.  I got caught on the line “it is in pardoning that we are pardoned” because Martha & I wanted Schindler’s List last week.  Amon Göth (director of the concentration camp) in the film flirted with Shindler’s concept of real power-the power to pardon.  It was quite unnatural for him to say “I pardon you”, so much that he needed to practice in the mirror.

When we pray for peacemakers, we are praying that we might participate in God’s forgiveness-both receiving and giving.  See if you can pardon something this morning-and let God’s pardon fill that space that you make.

Let’s pray.

Prince of Peace,

May we be emptied of all which would block us from receiving your healing grace and forgiveness in us.

Empower your children, the peacemakers, to remove obstacles in the world to your peace:

Be they inner walls, painful wounds, systems of injustice, or minsunderstandings.

Make us one with You in love,

And draw us into your generative and reproducing cycle of forgiveness.