Things Better Left Unsaid #247: talking to kids about torture at the dinner table

So last night we’re having dinner (me, MG, Jay, and my 2 daughters Helena-7 and Lily-4) and Martha’s cell comes up.  She is thinking about what to talk about next week (Tues night in Fishtown at Lindsay Mae’s house) since they are doing a sort of short series on world events and justice issues.  She brainstorms Guantanamo Bay.

That’s where I come in.

Things Better Left Unsaid #247:  Talking to kids about torture at the dinner table.

JGrace:  “yeah, that’s a good one.  where are you going with it?”

MG:  “learning more about what goes on there and why.  It’s been in the news lately.”

JGrace:  “yeah, isn’t Bush going to pardon all those who have anything to do with organizing it?  Including himself?”

MG:  “that’d be a good idea.”

JGrace:  “yeah.  the people behind Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo are connected.  We have that book upstairs that might be helpful.  It talks about water boarding and stuff.  You know [children really interested at this point], they strap a dude down and throw a towel over his face and then start…

MG: [interrupting] uuhhhhhh…maybe not right now?”


yeah.  good call, honey.   but that El-P video for Smithereens is pretty good.

Things Better Left Unsaid #18

This is kind of a tip of the hat to Leann.  Maybe this will turn into a series.  Usually, I guess, things in this category would be like saying to my kids…”wait.  do that again.  I want to take a picture and put it on my blog”, etc.

Things Better Left Unsaid #18:  “I feel like we just became friends on facebook.”

At a local watering hole with friends:

me (to the waitress):  “Hey, do you know Tim?  He works here and is a good friend of mine.”

Waitress:  “Yeah, I work with him.”

[exchange of names]

me:  “Geez.  I feel like we just became friends on facebook.”

Waitress:  “I don’t have facebook, only myspace.”

me:  “[nods]  [indeed] [still nodding]”


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