good to be home

what a week.  sorry that I haven’t posted anything.  I either didn’t have time or didn’t have any wireless signal (on the Turnpike you have to pay!)

One of the things was going out to western PA to pick up Abigail (our accordian player) and practice for 24 straight hours before we went over to Messiah College for a show.  The next morning I met Rod & Nate out in Grantham for a sort of seminar day.  Back in the Philly just in time for my cell meeting and then yesterday went back down Lancaster way for a nice dinner with more BIC kinfolk.  Today Christina and Bobby get married!

When it got late I started taking photobooth shots at practice the other day.

psalters practice

psalters practice

I still don’t know how to have it not be mirror image.

More about travels and ideas that were kicked around to come.

unprogrammed time

After we got home from Greg & Diana’s wedding last nigt I put the kids to bed.  I came downstairs and MG was going out, I realized that I had a couple hours of “unprogrammed time,” it seemed like the first in a while.  I guess it’s how it works for me, but I ended up among other things watching a couple movies.  Sometimes it feels nice to think about L.A.R.P.ers for a bit and wonder about how some of my friends from high school are. BTW-thanks, Scott.

I got some great laughs while watching a classic from my youth, Flash Gordon-HD.  I hadn’t watched it in so long, but so many of the 1-liners were so familiar.  “Flying blind on a rocket cycle?

It somehow got late, though.