November in full swing

We actually got to play flag football last night.  The conditions were glorious (55 degrees, a little bit muddy) and we had 6 on 6.  So good.  I forgot to bring my camera so there are no action shots, although Timmy Grant got a permit for 5th and Master Friday nights until Feb or something.  So who knows, there should be more opportunities.

I uploaded Part 2 of the drum re-heading to the set here, which I was surprised how many people were interested in.  These are basically just shaving the head and cutting out a muff, most of the work was the night before.  BTW-there were like 34 beginner students at the class the other night!  12 in the advanced.  So much fun.

Lastly, while Rachel Sensen and the kids were over last night Lily wanted to get dressed up in winter gear.  It was pretty funny.

Lastly, my favorite new blog…Hamburger Calculus.  A couple friends of mine have a passion for planning legs of their travels around where to find a great burger or other great food.  Reviews and lots of pics of obscure places by the Phila airport, Chicago burger joints, and tastykake LE pumpkin pie.

ps-Weegie is home today!

Getting Africanized

I just wrote a longer post on the Circle of Hope blog, but at least wanted to mention how pumped I am to get the drumming classes going again-see earlier post here for deets.

Last night a group of us spent several hours re-headding and building djemebes.  I learned a lot about a lot.  We tried to take a bunch of photos (set here), even though tonight we have to shave and tune the drums.

Meko teaching me how to weave the cradle

Meko teaching me how to weave the cradle

I’m pumped that Martha and a bunch of her friends are taking the class, too.  Still working out what to do with the kids for a couple hours on Monday nights, though.   And yes, everyone else in the photos is severely underdressed.

Jay’s return

I’m glad we’re getting the drumming classes going again.  We are going to have some issues with scheduling and no doubt with space conflicts until we get the studio built.   Here’s the flyer for the upcoming classes.

The word on the street is that the mate-masie will be in the house for both classes.  MG and some of her squad are planning on taking the early class!

psalters are also getting ready to play at Messiah College in Grantham on Nov 5th.  It’s free at the Union at 10pm.  If you are in the area already it would be awesome to see you.  Check out this video from cornerstone 08!