who-centric, not what-centric

“Trading faith in God for an assessment of evidence is a definite change of world view. My faith is evidence of things unseen. Jesus is revelation, not another fact among many with me at the center living a life of endless sorting.”

-Rod White, from this post About Losing My Religion.

I had a great conversation yesterday at Kristen & Edward’s wedding with a Rocket Scientist (literally) about “heretical” scientists he referred to as St. Copernicus and St. Galileo.

Those guys refuted the long-held theory that the earth was the center of the universe.  That was a problem.

I think it’s still a problem for us today to get into a Godview that is not “us-centric”, even in our faith.  If Jesus is the center of the universe, faith is a way we get in touch with reality-not one of many ways to escape it.

4 thoughts on “who-centric, not what-centric

  1. It’s so hard for lots of us to realize that God is at the center of the universe. So often we position ourselves and our ideas as the most important thing–causing us a lot of undo stress and anxiety. Putting God in the center, and following him, accepting his love and grace, is the meaning of Christianity.

  2. i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. so many things happen over here (India) that are out of my control. if i center things on myself i am often feel only anger or fear, but if i center these uncontrollable things on Jesus i have only hope.

  3. often i hear people talk of “contextualization” as framing your message so that the people in the other culture you are trying to communicate with have the best chance of understanding. There is some merit to that idea, but to me its really more about having enough care and respect for those you meet to take the time to discover where Jesus has already been working in their traditions and come together in communion with them at that point. Being non-“us-centric” begins with realizing its not your message but God’s message.

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