Lent is a season of deepening.

Lent is the season of spiritual preparation before Easter. We lean into Jesus and find peace and repose for our heavy lives. Where is it that you are wearied or burdened by the demands of life? And who is doing the demanding? What sorrow, what pain do you carry? During Lent, we are trusting in God’s promise to reach into our heavy places and lighten our load. Take part in any or all of the opportunities below. They are designed to help you on your journey. 

And the journey of Lent will take you deep with God.

Some further information on Lent:

Worship Relief

Various Dates
Various Locations

Worship Relief will be a time for rest for our weary souls. Spiritual growth takes time. Our lives are difficult. We need a touch from God to refresh us. Traveling around our different congregations on different weekdays during Lent, this will be a powerful hour of music, prayer, and quiet. We designed all of it to give you comfort on your spiritual journey wherever you find yourself on it.

Locations + Dates of Worship Relief

▨ 2214 S. Broad St.—Thursday 2/22
▨ 2007 Frankford Ave.—Tuesday 2/27
▨ 3800 Marlton Pike—Wednesday 3/7
▨ 2309 N. Broad St.—Wednesday 3/14
▨ 5720 Ridge Ave.—Thursday 3/22

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Lent Day Retreat with Patrick of Ireland

March 17
2214 S. Broad St. Phl, PA 19145

This spiritual retreat will be an extended time for soul rest and engagement with God. Just setting aside a chunk of time like this on a Saturday will be beneficial. We’ll celebrate the earthy spirituality of the Celtic church. Participants will learn basic prayer techniques that consider your ordinary, spiritual, and Holy Spirit awareness. Development Pastor, Rod White, and friends will be your guide.

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Daily Prayer

Every Day
A guide for your daily practice in the presence of God

The daily prayer is a gift. We can’t leave our spiritual development to special events. Let’s receive this dose of encouragement, love and prayer every day. This is where we can be literally on the same page across our diverse cell network, where we can grow in our awareness of God in our daily lives, and make time for spiritual surprises that may be ready for us just beneath the surface of our ordinary lives.

Holy Week

Monday (3.26) to Friday (3.30)
Various Places
Every Night of Holy Week at 7:30pm

Walking through Jesus last days together with Him. Starts on Palm Sunday, then every Night of Holy Week we’ll gather together as one church. There’s even an opportunity on Saturday. Decrying the culture of Death while Jesus is in the grave at the Horsham Drone Base. Monday through Friday at 7:30pm. Be ready. Jesus is going to the cross. We’re not being scattered this time.