✺ Feeling it during Lent. ✺

To experience the fullness of the resurrection we need a season of discipline. Lent is the 40 days (plus Sundays) before Easter. We need to stoke our spiritual hunger no matter where we are at on the spiritual journey. The feast is sweeter after the fast. And the best spice is hunger! Together, we’ll practice feeling it—our hunger, our lack, our sin, yes, but also the love that casts out fear, the presence of eternity here and now, and the forgiveness that transforms our lives and the whole world.

✺ Feeling it with us ✺

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Centering Prayer

Every Saturday starting March 16th until April 20th

2007 Frankford Ave at 9am-10am


A chance to learn or deepen a contemplative prayer practice. Every Saturday during Lent, starting March 16. Questions? Contact: Jordan Burdge

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Lent Worship Relief

April 4: 2212 S. Broad St. at 8:00pm


We need to touch the Savior and receive a tangible touch from him. Worship Relief is an opportunity to feel something—to practice reaching out and discover God reaching back. Music, prayer, and song. This event is designed for all to participate no matter your faith experience. 

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Holy Week

April 14-20, 2019


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During Jesus’ final week we walk with him.

We walk with the pain. We feel the pain, the tension, the drama of Jesus’ passion. 

We walk with the joy. For the joy set before him Jesus endured the cross. We’ll wrap our heads and hearts around the joyful meaning of his death.

We walk in our own bodies. Each evening will focus on actually being here and imagining Jesus living out his final days with us, and us with him. The observances will be sensory, evocative, and full of prayer.

We walk with each other. We want to see Jesus all over our region. Each week we will be led by a team from a different congregation at or near our four locations. 8 pm each night.

Good Friday Vigil and Imaginative Prayer Walk 12 – 3 pm

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Resurrection Sunday

April 21, 2019: Lemon Hill, Fairmount Park at 6am


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The women went to the tomb early on the first day of the week and were met by angels who said, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!” We rise in honor of these women’s early morning walk and greet this astounding news of our risen Savior on Lemon Hill in Philadelphia.

We begin just before sunrise at 6:00 am. There will be music and story telling and a sweet ceremony celebrating our victory over the grave.

Bring a chair or blanket to sit on if you wish, wear warm layers for the cool morning, and celebrate with us at sunrise!

✺ Daily Prayer during Lent ✺

Each entry is useful for cells and families to practice silent prayer together.

Rhythm, practice, routine, repeat. The Daily Prayer is our way of having a common pulse. It’s an easy way to shape a daily discipline. Lent is a perfect time to intensify or begin a daily rhythm.

Each entry will be designed to be useful alone and also in groups like cells, families, or other groups of friends. Contemplative prayer is a tried and true way that Christians have learned to feel it—as in feel God’s presence, love and peace. Let’s practice silent prayer together every day during Lent. We’ll take advice from six different books of encouragement and instruction on prayer.

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