Dialogue keeps us together and protects our gravity. We communicate online through several listservs. Here’s how they work.

The Congregational Lists

Who is on it?
The regular attenders of our congregations.
What’s it for?
Communication from the leaders of the church about what’s happening, where we are going and how we can be encouraged. Narratives bind us together. if you have something to tell us, talk to your cell leader, they can post.

The Share List

This is a space for sharing of all kinds. Events, housing, items for sale, job opportunities, and so on. It’s not necessarily dialogical, but it can be. Signing up is public, but the people that sign up must be approved. This is for people who have a knowable connection or a way to be known. They are connected to the church in a definable way and generally want to further that connection. People can’t spam this list (post to it for the sake of the exposure).

The Parents List

[email protected]

A place for parents to share practical advice, village parenting opportunities, resources and moral support. We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, especially a child who grows to know the Lord. The best thing we can offer them is healthy, beloved, faithful parents and we can help each other be that! Email [email protected] if you would like to be on this list!