Mission Teams

We love to see people follow their passion and organize to bring their dreams to fruition. We affirm them as mission teams and set them loose to inspire and lead the congregations.

Baby and Kids Playgroup

One day a week, caretakers and parents bring their babies and meet together at one of our three locations, South Broad, Frankford Ave., or Marlton Pike. Playgroup is a place where we open the doors for parents and young children to experience a warm and inviting space to hang out with other parents and kids in the neighborhood.

Carnival de Resistance Support Team

We want people in the Philadelphia region creatively engage with God and the Scriptures in a way that makes them more equipped to form alternatives in our context addressing ecological crises and intersectional oppression (race, class, gender, etc). We want to help the Carnival happen in Philadelphia as a supporting sponsor along with groups like The Alternative Seminary, Germantown Mennonite Church, The Jewish Farm School, Philadelphia Urban Creators, and others. We are looking to build upon long-term relationships in North Philly and Kensington that Circle of Hope and others have built over the years and get Jesus out there—so people looking for hope can be included in the redemption movement of God. Visit Carnival de Resistance here.

Circle of Hope Audio Art

The Circle of Hope Audio Art uses a missional process of recording and distributing worship music as a tool for training, edification, and getting Circle of Hope into new places. They are celebrating all the creativity around us and are responding to a felt need for new worship material that is creative, theologically sound, and not commercial.

Circle of Hope Teens

Tracey Kohl leads a team of teen lovers who hold a weekly after school get together at the South Broad site.

Circle of Hope Gallery

On the First Friday of the month Philadelphia comes alive again with art. Galleries, sidewalks, and other active spaces feature artists with some snacks to the public. Check it out on Facebook.

Game Night

Free for all ages! Come out for board games, snacks, new friends. Feel free to bring yourself and others! We have two nights a month dedicated to game night.