New to our website? Need help?

New here and need help navigating the site or knowing how to connect? Here’s a basic rundown of the most important places to visit on this website if you’re looking to connect.

Sunday Meetings

We gather every Sunday at various times to worship and express our life in Christ together. Come and see! Bring what you’ve got. We make these meetings together.

  • About the Sunday Meetings: here.
  • Locations of the Sunday Meetings and more info about each congregation: here.


A cell is a group of around ten people. They gather in people’s homes or public places around town throughout the week. They are a more intimate way of sharing stories and talking about Jesus and your faith, no matter what stage it’s in.

  • More about cells: here.
  • Locations and times of cells: here.

Who We Are

Learn more about who we are and a little bit of our story.

  • Some basics about us: here.
  • Our proverbs are our convictions about our faith and what it means to live in Jesus: here.

Have Questions?

  • Contact us for more information: Here.