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This is one of our connection points during the covid-19 crisis. We are the church 24/7. Social distancing and quarantine won’t stop God from demonstrating love and hope among us.

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Our Season: Slightly Better Than Barely Hanging On is Pretty Good

We are being super real about our need for connection with God and others. Isolation is decidedly not good for human beings. So we’ll use this season to go after connection with God and each other with gusto. No shame! We’re getting beyond the constructs and the hiding. We’re coming out and leading from our poverty, asking the questions that will connect us, doing the prayer that will ground us and expand our reach. Each meeting will flow between ways to connect with God and experiments in connecting with others.

Next Online Meeting:
January 24 @ 5pm

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    Online Meeting 1.17.21

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    Cells are small groups of ten that meet throughout the week when we’re not communing on Sundays. Covid-19 is here but we’re still meeting in groups online! Visit our cell page for a complete list of cell contacts that you can email or Instagram.

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    Sharing money is an expression of faith that brings freedom and unleashes power. During this crisis, sharing is even more important. We can do much more together to help each other than any of us could alone. Click button below to share.

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