I am development pastor for Circle of Hope in the Philadelphia Region. This page is not from “them” per se, just me.

Most of what you will find here just happened. I generally reflect on what went on last week or what people are struggling with right now. I would like to listen to what the Spirit is saying and move with God now.

Contact me at [email protected].

If you want to know more about all of us, check out www.circleofhope.net. Or join us at 5 or 7pm on Sundays at 2214 S. Broad St., Philly for our Sunday meeting — I am often there. Or you could read the book: A Circle of Hope.

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  1. I am leaving this reply because I can’t figure out how else to subscribe to your blog so that it emails me. I want it to come to me. Hopefully this works!

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