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The Circle of Hope share board is a space for sharing of all kinds. The purpose of this board is not discussion, and it will be moderated as such.

There are two ways to use it:

1 – If you’ve joined and are looking at the web interface (circleofhope.net/share), you’ll see it’s been separated into categories. You are not limited to the categories we have started, though we think a lot of posts fall under the seven we’ve set up: Childcare, Jobs, Housing, etc. If you have something that falls under those categories, post a new topic there and people can respond to your thread. If you don’t see a category for your post, suggest a new category to us. Email [email protected] and we’ll help you in setting up a new category.

2 – You can also post via email by sending your post to [email protected]. All members will receive your email and it will post to the web interface as well (we will organize it on our end into one of the categories).

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