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Learn about why we share and how to share with Circle of Hope.

Why We Share

Our vision for a Common Fund is inspired by the earliest group of Jesus-followers who shared their resources so that needs were met and the joy of living in the kingdom of God was known.  In our own time and place, we’ve discovered that sharing our resources brings freedom and unleashes power.  All our money belongs to God, and the percentage we share in our Common Fund reflects our mutual commitment to be an authentic church.

We live out our goals according to what we have, not what we should have, and we invest at least 20% of our Common Fund income in causes beyond our basic common needs.  We are called to owe nothing to anyone but love, and so we are determined not to be debt slaves in order to fully participate in the imagination and responsibility of partnership in Christ.  Join us or donate today!

How To Share

Share in Person

Use the Common Fund box or Square Reader as an act of worship when you’re at a Sunday Meeting. Or use one of the methods below.

Mail To One of Our Offices

For 2214 S. Broad St.
Circle of Hope
2214 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

For 2007 Frankford Ave.
Circle of Hope
2009 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

For 3800 Marlton Pike
Circle of Hope
3800 Marlton Pike
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

For 2309 N. Broad St.
Circle of Hope
P.O. Box 14022
Philadelphia, PA 19122

For 5720 Ridge Ave.
Circle of Hope
P.O. Box 44573
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Use Your Bank’s Bill Pay System

You can contact your banking institution to set up a way to share regularly. Most banks do this for free. Use the address of your congregation listed on this page.

Use PayPal

Click this link for quick and easy donation.