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This site is a sister to Circle of Hope Daily Prayer :: WIND and :: WATER, we are celebrating holy days with the church who have gone before us and lifting up notable, influential people who have gone before us and who create the “cloud of witnesses” that continues to guide and inspire us.

Just as in our own lives our past continues to be a part of us, the body of Christ has a past which is part of our ongoing sense of who we are. We do not journey in line with the “myth of progress” as if humanity is steadily improving itself and the world through science and good sense — and therefore past eras are essentially discarded or merely mined for nuggets that can be repurposed in new light. Our wisdom is of a deeper sort, born of the Spirit, realized in Jesus, and its completion promised by  God.  If the church was once a child, we must become like that child to enter the kingdom. If the church was a prodigal young man, then we must return to our father.  If the church was a disrespected old man, then the younger generation has much to learn. At any age, our understanding, respect and integration of our past makes us deeper. Regardless of how we are taught by it, the past is also us and we cannot slough it off. This blog is an attempt to honor that reality and become wise as a result.

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