More ways to connect.

Here’s some events that are coming up. We have a living, active community that hosts and puts on numerous events, ranging from compassionate to entertaining. Scroll below to check out what’s coming up.

August 10-28
God in My Everything Book Study

We’ll be working through God in My Everything by Ken Shigematsu. Check out the book trailer here.

August 10-26: Daily book meditation on Daily Prayer WIND and WATER

August 17-21: Cell workshops on a personal rule (and a cell rule)

August 28: Presentation/Dialogue – My Rule: The Five R’s of Growing Wholeness

Online encouragement and dialogue about the five elements of having God in my everything: rules, roots, relate, restore, reach out. Bring your own “rule” and let’s get practical!

August 11
Getting to Know the Bible:
Romans and Galatians

Will be held on:
Zoom – Online Session



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A 90-minute Zoom session with two of our pastors. Presentation, dialogue and practice for how to develop your understanding and discipline. We want to help people know and follow the Bible. We are making a non-intimidating, entry point that gives people a good foundation for their own Bible study. Circle of Hope has a welcome approach to the Bible that gives room for a lot of perspectives at the table because we really trust that Jesus is here at the table with us. You don’t have to pass a test. You get to test your assumptions and preconceived notions in a safe environment for exploration.

August 19
Golden Rules for Finessing the Finances: Planning and Debt

Will be held on:
Zoom – Online Session



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This workshop is for everyone, especially people for people who are dealing with debt or planning to use credit. This is a “wind” workshop, so it will be good for taking steps beyond the basic budget as well as next steps in faith. If you are not a follower of Jesus, you are very welcome to join in. Expect help in managing debt, with help from our Debt Annihilation Team and Everence Financial Services. Also get some help in imagining how faith can help you see your way through the challenges of making the most of your money.

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