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Here’s some events that are coming up. We have a living, active community that hosts and puts on numerous events, ranging from compassionate to entertaining. Scroll below to check out what’s coming up.


February 17 to April 3

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Freedom isn’t Free: The Myth of Ethical State Violence

February 27 | 11am
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A Circle of Peacemakers event.

With the shifting of administrations often comes shifting of foreign policy objectives and a shift in the tactics used to obtain those objectives. Biden’s call for America to once again become a leader on the world stage and his warning that “America has been tested and we have come out stronger for it” has generally been perceived in a positive way, but America’s history as a geopolitical actor is grim and full of bloodshed. For those concerned about actions carried out in their name by the American State, it may now be more important than ever to hone our tools for discernment.

In this discussion, we will go over common myths or half-truths that create a case for the ethical use of force at home and abroad. We will demonstrate a historically consistent bias in the US’s private media to serve as an uncritical platform for US war apologists and we will demonstrate how these war apologists have consistently used lies and half truths to create the illusion of ethical war. As groups, we will analyze recent media printed about America’s “enemies” and compare it with other sources of information.

Village Parenting Online Dialogue and Resource Sharing 

March 13 | Online

We want to develop our online community and introduce new people to some of our resources. This time will be an open dialogue to share what is working and not working during this high-stress parenting time. Sharing the burden, commiserating, lamenting, praying…And then getting practical with some new and old ideas.

Why dialogue and not doctrine? 

March 16 | 8pm

In our 2020-2021 Map we have a goal to hold quarterly gatherings to confront the myth that discipleship is just about ‘correct thinking.’ We are continuing to reform, as we imagine our world and our church beyond the frameworks that the powers that be have given us. This time, we want to talk about how a dialogue of love holds us together more than merely our doctrine. Let’s talk about our approach, its strengths, but also its limitations. Perhaps we will collect new insight, as well. And by doing so, we’ll, in a sense, be demonstrating our dialogue of love too.

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