Growing in Jesus:
a way to get from “here to there”

The Way of Jesus website is more than just simply a website of Circle of Hope’s resources but a learning tool meant to nurture and help grow those at all stages of their Christian faith, including those merely curious about Jesus and His followers. The stages of the website are based on the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, and as we pass through them various levels of teachings and resources are presented. Below is a deeper explanation from the website itself regarding these stages:

We would like to help people “get from here to there.” We picture the Jesus way as an organic process: earth, wind, fire, and water. The Holy Spirit will take us where we need to grow. The organism is alive and on the move, so it hard to organize it, but this website is an attempt to help you get a look.

One begins in “earth,” as a person becoming a follower of Jesus. Next you move to “wind,” as you develop as a disciple and make a relationship with the body of Christ, the church. In “fire,” you discern how to give what you have been given to serve, to build, and possibly to lead. “Water” is about learning the skills of lifelong faith as you give and receive from God’s ocean of grace.

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